Burn Fat 24/7 eBook


Burn Fat 24/7 eBook

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Delicious recipes for a healthier you, with health secrets revealed...

Being healthy and losing weight should be easy, and it can be. But did you know that through vested interests you are provided with wrong information on food, nutrition and health? It’s shocking but true. In this recipe book not only will learn how to create over 60 delicious healthy recipes from day to night, you'll discover little-known information to dramatically improve your health and finally reach your optimal weight. Get it now!

ISBN: 978-0-9923329-3-8 (PDF) eBook

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“Want to know food secrets and how to create truly healthy meals for weight loss success and optimal health?"

If you are interested in discovering the secrets to gain optimal health and how to create truly healthy meals, then get ready, because it’s going to be astounding...

Every wondered why people constantly struggle to lose weight and why disease rates are increasing?

I can’t put it any simpler than this - you are deliberately being provided with wrong information on food, nutrition and health from vested interests which may sabotage any weight loss goals you have or ravage your body with disease.

It’s shocking but true.

That’s why this ebook was created... To give you the real facts on some of the foods you eat so you can make the right meal choices, and to give you a collection of healthy recipes so you feel energized, happier and revitalized.

It’s written by No. 1 International Best Selling Author, and health and fitness expert, Paul Scicluna, with over 20 years of health and wellness research.

  • Imagine being able to learn the secrets to get optimal health so you can live a longer, fuller, happier life? Wouldn't that be great?
  • Or what about if you could learn the surprising benefits of common foods so you can feel energized and revitalized? How would that feel if you could do this?
  • Imagine being able to learn how to create your own truly healthy and nutritious meals from dawn until dusk. You'd be surprised at how easy it can be, but you need to know how.

This is not an ordinary everyday recipe ebook - it has an abundance of powerful information that will surprise you, and help you along your path to greater health and even weight loss success.

This ebook contains research on health, food, nutrition from as far back as the Ancient Egyptians to the Classical Period of Rome, through the Middle Ages to the present day. Quite simply, most people wouldn’t even bother doing all this research to get the real facts.

Which means no fluff. Just some real facts you should know.

* Out of the top 10 causes of death, 8 are lifestyle related which means that they could be avoided

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* In 2010 in the U.S.A., 47% of all deaths were from heart disease and cancer alone

* Death from cancer has increased dramatically, and frighteningly the diagnosis of cancer is 1 in every 2 persons

* The global market for the weight loss industry is over $500 billion US dollars annually. But weight gain and obesity rates are the highest ever and increasing

* The World Health Organisation states more than 10% of the world’s adult population are obese

Scary statistics, don’t you think? That’s why Paul believes that now more than ever it’s Time to Get Healthy.

You'll discover astounding information in this ebook including:

* How to make over 60 delicious and nutritious meals from dawn until dusk, so you have plenty of choices making meal preparation much more convenient and easy

* AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes the amazing healing benefits of common foods as well as the disadvantages of other foods, which means you know what to have and avoid to optimize your health and wellbeing

* Learn about the toxins in what you thought were healthy food items, so you can eliminate them from your diet which means you can reach your weight loss or health goals faster

* SIMPLE - An easy way to get a variety of nutritional benefits in your daily diet to help maintain great health and vitality, and to manage your weight

* Every recipe specifically made in the Global Health Renegade kitchen with an accompanying photo so you can see the finished product

* Your secret weapon to making healthy meals without preservatives, additives, flavorings, colorings which just aids weight gain and poor health

* Not an experienced cook? Don’t worry, instructions are step by step and easy to understand

* And If you like sweet treats we haven't forgotten about you. You must try these guilt-free delectable delights - you'll be amazed as they are all truly natural using super healthy ingredients and you won't pile on the fat or calories

 And there's heaps more!

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This is not just a recipe book, it's a recipe and information book compiled into one, to help you on your path to great health and vitality. 

Thousands of people from around the world have benefited by the information to lose weight, overcome health conditions and achieve optimal health. See what people have to say on our Testimonials page.

Want to be happy and healthy like them?

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