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“During the last half of 2010 I had been in training for a bodybuilding competition, however in early 2011 I was dealt a blow. I sustained an injury, a full length tear in my supraspinatus, and I couldn’t raise my arm due to the pain. After having an ultra sound and later an MRI, I was told by the surgeon that unless I had surgery I would never lift heavy weights again. He said the recovery would be around 12 months. This was devastating to me as I had trained so hard and now everything was slipping away. I was told about Paul and when I consulted with him he talked about how the body heals and how to feed the healing process through the right foods. I was very skeptical, however as he was the only person who wasn’t selling me a product I thought, what do I have to lose. To my disbelief, four and a half weeks later I was feeling great. I couldn’t believe how quickly my body healed. The proof was in the pudding for me. Paul really knows his stuff. I decided to take up training and coaching with Paul as I was now back in the game. Thanks to Paul and a lot of hard work I went from injured and not able to train, to winning 3 bodybuilding championships in mid 2011.”

R. Borgonha 
1st – Mr. International – WFF, 2011 
1st – Mr. Southern Hemisphere – WFF, 2011 
1st – Mr. Universe – Performance Class, 2011

Melbourne, Australia                                                                             

Richie Vandenberg 
Former Australian Football League star. 
Hawthorn Football Club, 145 games, Captain 2005-2007.

Paul helped Richie through some health problems as well as Richie's mother who contracted Ross River Fever.

See Richie's story here. 

"When I first contacted Paul, I was seeking his personal training guidance to lose a few pounds and improve my fitness. I never though he would help to cure my life of suffering.

I had been painfully suffering with chronic stomach and digestion issues for almost 50 years. Over this time I have seen many doctors and some of the best specialists in the country without any relief.

I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and been tested for just about everything under the sun without ever receiving a confirmed diagnosis of what was causing these issues.

My diet was extremely limited due to the pain many foods caused me, even including many vegetables.

Paul suggested a few things that no doctors ever tested for, or discussed with me. This made me skeptical but I thought what do I have to lose.

I was in disbelief when the test results came back as they were exactly what Paul had discussed with me.

Thanks to Paul’s advice and guidance, in a very short period of time my problem was solved. I no longer have to limit my diet and I can even eat foods that once cause me immense pain and suffering.

Thanks to Paul, at last I feel so much better!"

C. Kiernan

“I was coached and trained by Paul in 2010. Since having a break from training I wanted to get back into regular training and challenge myself further. Paul helped me to clarify my goals and make a plan. My goals were to increase muscle strength and endurance, lose body fat and increase cardio fitness and be able to sleep better. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have achieved those goals without Paul's coaching and advice. The sessions were fun and motivating - I never got bored even though it was hard work. What blew me away was Paul's extensive knowledge in nutrition and health. I learnt so much about how we should eat in order to stay healthy and improve vitality. All the information Paul delivered in a natural & friendly manner. I am very happy with the results I got as I could see the change in my body and that motivated me further. I can highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to get fit and feel and look fantastic. As I had to move overseas I still use Paul's coaching services as he keeps me healthy and on track. Anyone who takes Paul on as their health coach will without a doubt get more value for their money than they'd expect. I highly recommend him.”

Laura Berry 
Viende Personal Training 
Personal Trainer – Cert III & IV Fitness 
MEd (specialisation in Physical Ed) 
Grad Cert in Careers Counseling


“I have known Paul for about 15 years now; since the time he attended one of my classes in the late 1990's. Over time I got to know Paul well, and what really caught my attention was his profound knowledge and experience in health and nutrition, even back to ancient times! Paul has taught me a great deal about nutrition and how to maintain a far healthier diet, suitable to my own circumstances. His research and knowledge is astounding. I've had my fair share of health issues over the years and I am grateful for having met Paul. He has not only helped me, but very dear friends of mine as well. Paul has also been a special guest speaker at some of my classes and seminars where I teach real estate cycles, stock and commodities markets, trading and the methods of W.D Gann. Good health is a trader's number one asset. I have no doubt in my mind that you will learn a great deal from Paul and how to greatly improve your ongoing health and longevity.”

Phillip J Anderson
Author - The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking 
Director - Economic Indicator Services

London, Melbourne, San Francisco                                                                               

“Paul you’ve helped me change my life. Thank you for your motivation, consistent coaching/support and drive to get the best out of me, not to mention your knowledge on health and whole food nutrition. If it wasn’t for you I’d still be eating what I thought were good foods but now being educated, I know that they’re not. My diet’s now great, I’ve lost 22 kg and am so happy with my body and vitality. Thanks to you I have lots more energy for my children and will probably live many more years to see there lives evolve. Don’t ever change!” 

Linda Harris 
Melbourne, Australia                                                                                                             

Almost to the day one year ago I decided it was time to shed the excess weight I had gained from poor eating and next to no exercise, it was time to get healthy. I heard good reviews from a few of Paul’s clients. My goal was to lose body fat and get fit so I could complete in a triathlon.

I have had numerous personal trainers/coaches before and I can honestly say that my best results have been whilst training under Paul. I believe this is due not only to his extensive physical knowledge, industry experience and training methods, but most importantly his broad expertise in nutrition. At the end of the day as much as we don’t want to hear it 80% of your results come from what you eat, end of story! Whilst being trained/coached with Paul or reading his books, you will learn this very quickly and he will guide and help you on what foods you should and shouldn’t eat to suit whatever your training goal might be! (Just don’t get him started on spinach!!!)

When I started with Paul my stats were 22 years old and a chubby 105kg. I lost 23kg and then started to build and gain a few kilograms of lean muscle. Losing the weight was one thing, however what Paul taught me during this period around training techniques, methods, plans and sharing his nutritional knowledge has all been imbedded within me for life, which continues to keep me motivated and on track to this day whilst I‘m training solo.

A picture tells a thousand words so below are my before and after photos. They are one year apart to show that I have been able to maintain the results I gained through Paul’s guidance and knowledge. Yes, I did complete my triathlon and currently in progress of completing the 2013/14 Gatorade Triathlon Series."

D. Kent

D.Kent Back - Before-After - New.jpg
D.Kent Front - Before-After - New.jpg

"I am 43, a time-poor/under pressure professional. My standard exercise was running about 15-20km/week – something I had done consistently for about 3 years. Prior to that I sat behind a desk for 10 years… In my 20’s I played amateur AFL and was very fit.

Paul is very professional with his training and coaching. Having done it before, he has deep knowledge of posture and how different exercises work and how to shape muscle groups differently. He is also terrific at pushing you hard to really help you get the results you want. I always walk (or hobble – damn I hate legs…) away from a session with Paul knowing I have been pushed and I feel great (about 30 mins later!).

What I did not expect was the nutritional education that has come naturally through training/coaching with Paul. He has a terrific knowledge and there is no doubt our food regime at home has been transformed. Less meat, more fresh fruit and vegetables, lower and different carbs, far more variety and eating less more often (with plenty of water) is first base. He’ll take you on an insightful journey to health as well as fitness. I have seen Paul assist many people who are not in control of their food and are unaware their health issues are as a result of what they put in their mouth. They are eating rubbish, taking medicines and are suffering. Within weeks of committing to making meaningful change in their diet and with a bit of exercise they are putting the drugs down and feeling great.

Whilst I started from a base of fitness, introducing weights with Paul and improving my diet has made me feel more outstanding now than when I was in my 20’s with a better body. We are raising our young kids with great food habits without any drama too! It’s great to see a 4 year old chuck down spinach and mushrooms and say ‘This is yum mummy!”

I would recommend Paul as a professional, a top trainer/coach, dietary/wellness adviser, author, speaker and a great bloke."

Jim Fader
Melbourne, Australia

“Paul took me from overweight, out of shape and unmotivated to trim and athletic. I went from having no confidence to competing in sports model competitions through Paul’s amazing knowledge and guidance. He’s brilliant!!”

S. Tomlinson 

“Hi Paul - Wow! What an amazing presentation today! I must thank you, that is THE first time in my 58 years on Gods green earth that I have been educated in food and nutrition. Also being a diabetic your information was invaluable, I believe you may have added another 10 - 15 years to my life! My wife will be eternally grateful!”

John Duffield
UMACS Business Solutions 

China and Australia                                                                                                 

“Paul your presentation was truly inspirational and you have one of the greatest minds I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Your knowledge in health and nutrition of both past and present is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much!”

Anne Rittman

Melbourne, Australia                                                                                                       

"I attended a seminar on the weekend where Paul delivered a presentation on health. I must say it was one of the most inspiring presentations on health I've seen. He has such passion to help others. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to experience this... Amazing!"

A Coleman 

"We all know the older you get – the harder it is to lose weight! After 6 months of training on my own, I reached a point where I wasn’t getting any results. In March this year I decided I needed help to lose weight and improve my health. I took on Paul as my health coach and he has completely transformed my outlook on fitness, health and wellbeing. Not only has he guided me to reach my goals, he has helped me increase my physical and mental strength.

My goal was to fit into my ‘impossible’ jeans which I achieved.  Paul helped me realise that I can reach my goals - not only in fitness but in life. Through the knowledge that Paul has passed on to me, I have so much more energy and have done a complete 180 in the way I approach food and exercise. He has taught me invaluable methods on how the body can heal itself. His specialist knowledge in health, nutrition and fitness is priceless – he knows what he is talking about and as far as I am concerned you are guaranteed results! Thank you so much for motivating me and for helping me transform my body and my mind. You have instilled core health and wellbeing values that I will take with me for the rest of my life."


Cathering - Before & After FINAL 29.10.2013.jpg

“I started out weight training on my own back in 2004. I’m 6’3” tall and back then I weighed 63kg, so I wanted to gain muscle as well as feel and look more healthy. I was introduced to a typical bodybuilding diet - i.e. as much chicken and beef as possible, 4 - 5 times a day, and heaps of protein shakes and supplements which use to cost me hundreds per month. I had been told that is the only way  you can gain muscle. I was training 4 times a week and getting average results. After doing this for about 3 years, no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to increase my bodyweight past 70 kg, and not only that I felt sluggish and tired all the time. I decided to take on Paul Scicluna as my personal trainer and health coach. Right from the start he was amazing as he took me through everything, step by step, explaining what changes I needed in my diet, to training techniques that added muscle in no time. What was also great is that he showed me how to correctly lift the weights with the right techniques so I wouldn’t injure myself. He has saved me a fortune as he got me off all the supplements and protein shakes and showed me how I could get everything I need in a good diet. In around 9 months I’d put on 10 kilograms of muscle and my strength had increased by about 35 - 40%. I also felt great and had heaps of energy. Paul has an extraordinary knowledge in health and nutrition and he knows what needs to be done to get you healthy. This guy is the real deal and I am glad to have met him.”

Stephen Wagner
Wagner's Poultry

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Paul in the health and fitness industry in 2010 and 2011. The knowledge and understanding that I obtained from him in this period of time was enormous.

 After completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the Australian Catholic University with a major subject being nutrition, I thought that I had an extensive and broad knowledge in this area. After meeting Paul I was dumbfounded with everything that I had learnt from him in such a small period of time and how it all just made so much ‘sense’!

The knowledge and information that he so willingly shared with myself is something that I will be forever grateful for. I continue to use this knowledge on a daily basis, and am constantly passing it on to family and friends to help improve their health.

During the months leading up to my wedding in 2011, I was lucky enough to have Paul as a Personal Trainer and health coach, guiding me towards where I wanted to be for my special day. I distinctively remember him saving the day when a pimple popped up 2 days pre wedding, teaching me different natural remedies for the skin which all worked a treat!

Paul’s knowledge in the areas of health, nutrition and fitness is second to none. His training tips and techniques sculpted my body into the exact shape that I wanted it for my special day. He took into consideration my goals and the areas that I wanted to improve and knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve these goals. There were certain exercises which I thought I had no chance completing, but through hard work, determination and encouragement from Paul, these were all achieved.

All in all, I thoroughly trust, respect and 100% believe in Paul as a health coach and recommend him to absolutely everyone."

Jasmin Vandenberg
Melbourne, Australia

"I have been trained and coached by Paul for 18 months. I am a 52 year old male and use to weigh 83 kg. I looked ok but needed to work on upper body strength along with working on my aerobic capacity.  

Let me tell you, I got a whole lot more from Paul. He actively got me involved in a healthy diet, backed this up with incredible insights and knowledge and at the same time having an uncanny ability to knock down nonsense fads and special diets and supplements.  

I went along to Paul's insightful seminars where I learnt so much that I was amazed. I really started to engage in my healthier body.

It all came together for me at my doctor’s, when I had my annual health check. My Doctor took all the stats and printed off a chart for the last 15 years of BMI, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and all the usual stuff. He congratulated me, as my graph had gradually gone north for the first twelve or so years of recordings, however had decreased over the last couple of years and my doctor said that my stats were now as good as 15 years ago. How happy am I with Paul and his wonderful training and insights… Super Happy! My weight is now 74.2kg, blood pressure in a healthy range and BMI in a healthy range.

And finally you know something has worked when you have your suit trousers taken in from 87cm or 34.25 inches to 83cm or 32 inches. I feel great!"

T. McCoy
Melbourne, Australia

"Paul deeply cares about your health and doesn't jump on the latest diet/nutrition trends. He thoroughly understands your walk of life and recommends simple and practical changes to your diet and lifestyle. His knowledge on food, nutrition and health has taught me how to get my entire family to eat healthy and stay fit.

Following Paul's nutritious meal ideas has given me the strength to face a stressful day at work and increase my energy so I can also spend time with my little girl at home. I’ve gone from no energy and feeling sluggish to having very high energy levels to sustain 16 hour days.

Paul, I am very grateful to you for being such a thorough, educated, caring, patient and effective health coach. You've made a difference in my over-all health and for that I am extremely grateful.

If you're looking for a coach you can trust, or wanting to gain knowledge to improve your health, then look no further!

M. Kotipalli

“Listened to Paul today at a seminar in Camberwell; brilliant and thought provoking. I can’t wait to learn more!!!”

R. Pollock 
Melbourne, Australia