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Fat Burning Salads eBook


Gone are the days when salads were seen as a boring side dish! Nowadays there are hundreds of varieties of salads to suit all tastebuds and we are literally spoilt for choice. Salads are usually associated with being healthy. But did you know that some are actually bad for your health and wellbeing? In this recipe and information book you will learn how to create over 80 delicious and healthy salad recipes, and  obtain important food knowledge which reveals some true facts that vested interests didn't want you to know. See below for more information.

ISBN: 978-0-9923329-2-1 (PDF) eBook

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"Who Else Wants To
Know How To Create Truly Healthy Salads And Learn The Good And Bad Of Salad Ingredients?"


If you're interested in how to create truly healthy and nutritious salads and learn the good and bad of salad ingredients ... then this is going to be exciting for you to read.

Paul Scicluna, No. 1 International Best Selling Author, and health and fitness expert, has compiled an amazing Salads ebook. It covers nearly everything you need to know about why many salads out there are actually unhealthy for you, what benefits you get from different salad ingredients and of course, how to make over 80 truly deliciously healthy salads.

Gone are the days when salads were seen as a boring side dish. Thankfully many people like you are realising that salads should be part of a daily healthy diet to get plenty of nutrients.

It's also a general belief that all salads are healthy. But are they really? Over the many years of coaching and helping people, Paul has heard a common theme, "I eat a lot of salads so why am I not losing weight? And why don't I feel energised after eating some salads?"

Lucky for you, Paul dispels the myths and shares the real facts about the ingredients that goes into salads. You will be amazed...

Isn't it time you knew the truth and REAL facts?

Roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad – delicious!

Roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad – delicious!

Here's why "Fat Burning Salads" is more than a recipe ebook packed full of truly nutritious salads:

* Discover in a matter of minutes what are good and bad foods so that you don't go down the path of creating unhealthy salads that will just shorten your life, or that of a loved one.

* Learn how to make over 80 unboring salads that are packed full of flavour and are truly nutritious.

A tasty spelt salad.

A tasty spelt salad.

* Every recipe specifically made in the Global Health Renegade kitchen with an accompanying photo so you can see the finished product.

* Discover the amazing health benefits of raw wholefoods.

* Your secret weapon to make healthy salads free of preservatives, flavourings, additives, colourings and more.

* Step by step easy to understand instructions, and the flexibility to adapt ingredients.

* We expose the myths on salt

* We introduce you to the amazing healing benefits of garlic from the ancients to the present day.

* Learn about the powerful health benefits as well as the histories of chilli peppers, apple cider vinegar and greens.

* A mixture of raw and cooked salads so even in cooler months you can have a warm, comforting salad.

* Plenty of nutrition and health information about specific foods so you get life-long education on their nutritional components.

* Not an experienced cook? Don’t worry, many of the recipes are  simple to make.

* An easy way to get a variety of nutritional benefits in your daily diet to help maintain great health and vitality.

* Finally, salad recipes that uses simple ingredients so you don’t waste time or money trying to find obscure items!

* If you’re time poor, there’s a range of salads that are quick and easy to make.

* The hidden truth behind why not all salads out there are healthy and why it can be bad for your health and lifestyle.

Find out more and...

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A herbaceous and nutritious Asian salad.

A herbaceous and nutritious Asian salad.

You can download this ebook to your computer, iPad or e-reader so you can conveniently take it wherever you want to create your healthy salads.

As we said earlier, Paul has helped many people like you discover a new and healthier way of life. Check out our Testimonials.

These people are extremely happy - each one of them is actually REAL. And, you'll be just as happy as them.

Remember, this is not just a recipe book - it's a recipe and education book compiled into one. It'll help educate you to improve your health, as well as supplying you with over 80 truly healthy recipes downloaded to you right away. Here's to great health and vitality!