Health and Lifestyle Empower Coaching

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Health and Lifestyle Empower Coaching


In just 4 weeks you can get tools, tips, techniques, education and more to help empower you and learn how to make the right decisions about health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Once your purchase is complete, check your email for a link to your online Health Assessment Form. Once we receive your form, we will be in touch with you within 72 hours. 

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Empowering YOU to make the right decisions about health, nutrition and fitness in just 4 weeks.

It's no secret that there's plenty of information out there about health, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. However, what's unknown to most is that some vested interests have pushed out some shockingly misleading information which could increase your chances of contracting diseases or ill health.

Have you ever wanted someone to just give you the right information and tools to help you get great health and wellbeing, so you can spend the time doing other things? You could now have that unique opportunity.

In just 4 weeks you can get tools, tips, techniques, education and more to help empower you and learn how to make the right decisions about health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Health and fitness expert and No. 1 international Best Selling Author, Paul Scicluna, will be coaching you to help reach your health goals. Plus, he'll provide in-depth knowledge, research and expertise to empower you to make the right decisions about your health and lifestyle through his "Empower Coaching".

Have you got a spare 20 years to do research into TRUE health and vitality?

No, not many people do! Don’t worry, Paul has done all the hard work for you. He has undertaken over 20 years of experimentation, experience and research as far back as the Ancient Egyptian era to the modern day around health. He is passionate and unrivalled in helping you reach your optimal health and wellbeing goals.

To research and compile all this information would cost thousands and thousands of dollars, let alone getting one-to-one personal, dedicated coaching.

So, at $797 it really is a bargain.

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Paul has helped many people reach their health and wellbeing goals. That’s why he is offering "Empower Coaching" to those of you who:

     Are unhappy with your body

     Are unhappy with your weight

     Are unhappy with your health

     Have a specific goal to reach

     Want help in overcoming obstacles

     Want to understand what real health is all about

     Want to be energised and revitalised

     Want to be happy and confident

     Want some direction in life

     Want to know the secrets and myth busters about the foods you eat and how it can be harmful to your health

     Want to live a long life of great health and wellbeing

     Just basically want guidance to help educate and empower you to make the right decisions about your health and lifestyle

Paul understands how challenging it can be to set goals, to work out what great health is all about and how to stay motivated and focused. On the other hand, Paul also understands the enlightening feeling that people experience after he has helped them reach their personal goals that they never felt they could achieve. Don’t take our word for it - go to our Testimonials page and see for yourself.

They are REAL people, with real problems who needed someone dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable to help solve!

So why wait. Every week that passes may mean the possibility of pushing yourself into an early grave. Rather than wasting your money on unnecessary medical bills, invest in just 4 weeks of powerful coaching to change your health and wellbeing for the better.

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Each coaching session is done over Skype for 45 minutes – this is your dedicated time to get empowered with knowledge, tools and tips on a one-to-one basis with Paul. These sessions are tailored to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Once you make your purchase you will be emailed with a link to complete an online Coaching Form.

You will be contacted within 72 hours to set up dates and times for your sessions with Paul. It’s that easy!

For lasting changes to your health and lifestyle, it is recommended that you commit to at least 3 months of coaching. This will help cement the new patterns and habits you will learn, so you can continue to implement these new changes in your life for greater health and wellbeing. However, you have the flexibility to choose whichever package you like based on your situation. Rest assured that you will receive truthful and comprehensive information that will help you with achieving your health and lifestyle goals.

Tailored packages can also be designed to suit your needs.

 Did we mention that places are strictly limited? Don’t wait any longer.

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P.S. Don't forget, you're getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of research and empowering information for just a mere $797. That’s pretty good value when you think about how all that abundance of information could actually be taking you or your loved ones to an early grave. It’s time to take control of your life - book in for your “Empower Coaching” now!