How to get rid of the redness in your bloodshot eyes naturally, and without eye drops!

Written By Paul Scicluna

When you go to a supermarket or pharmacy, there are plenty of eye drops that claim to help stop red eyes. But is it possible to prevent red eyes or work out how to get brighter eyes without eye drops? Yes, of course it is!

The sclera, or the “white part of the eye” should actually be white. If it’s not white, then this may be due to a nutritional deficiency or even simply a lack of sleep. Certain companies have jumped on board this problem, and produced eye drops to clear people’s red eyes. However, what chemicals are in these products and are there possible long term damaging effects on the eyes?

Before I go into how to stop red eyes without eye drops, I want to share a story with you...

When I met Vi, who is part of the Global Health Renegade team, I noticed that she would repeatedly use a particular eye drop. When I asked what it was, she said that it was to clear up the redness in the white area of her eyes. She felt self-conscious about having bloodshot eyes. She was looking for something on how to get rid of red eyes so that they would look healthy and clearer.

Having red eyes can be attributed towards lack of sleep, an eye infection, tired eyes, itchy eyes, an eye irritation, stress, nutritional deficiency or being exposed to cigarette smoke, and alcohol consumption, for example.

When I found out she was taking those eye drops, I had to let her in on a little secret.

I mentioned to her that those drops she was using to supposedly get rid of red eyes was doing her more harm than good. Why? They might initially make the redness go away but when the redness comes back it is usually worse.

So the more you use the product to get rid of the redness the worse it will be in the long run. This is because you’ll need to use more and more of the product to continually clear the redness from your eyes. This is done with intention to keep you using the product.

So I told here that if she stopped using the eye drops for between 1 – 2 weeks that the eye redness will go away and she’ll never have to use those eye drops again.

So Vi stopped using the eye drops, and all the while hoping to get rid of her bloodshot eyes and gain clearer, white eyes. And sure enough, her eye redness naturally subsided. She tossed out those eye drops in a flash! So she no longer had to put chemicals in her eyes anymore and she saved money - BONUS!

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