3 Tips For Healthy Living For You And Your Family

By Paul Scicluna

In today's society people seem to be more busy than ever, whether that be working longer hours, looking after family, doing the daily chores, through to renovating. As a result, people usually forget to focus on what is most important - themselves, especially their health and wellness. 

By looking after yourself first, then you will think with more clarity, be able to make better decisions, and have more energy, for example. The benefits of living a truly healthier lifestyle far outweigh the negatives. The simple fact is, YOU HAVE A CHOICE. So choose to lead a better, healthier life. This will not only positively impact yourself, but those around you. 

Now let me share with you 3 tips for healthy living so you can create a healthier you and family.

Tip 1: Include Fats In Your Diet

Yes, you read that correctly! Just be aware that there are good and bad fats. Having good fats in your diet can help combat weight loss, protect your heart, help improve energy levels, and promote better overall health. On the other hand, bad fats can increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, obesity, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Foods that have good fat in them include those with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Minimize or avoid saturated fats and trans fats. Foods with good fats include avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, tofu and sunflower seeds.

Tip 2: Pack Some "Treats" For At Work Or School

Fact is, some people will try and sabotage your efforts in being healthy or even if you're trying to lose weight! I've seen it and heard it before from clients - pretty shocking, right? So to prevent those people from steering you away from your health goals include some "treats" in your meals. 

For example, make your own snack bars with healthy ingredients like oats, honey, sesame seeds and dried fruit, rather than with processed foods and sugar which just make you lethargic let alone unhealthy. Make your own tasty chocolate brownies – everyone else will be envious! What's more, they'll be super healthy and won't make you and your family pile on the unwanted weight. It's not hard to have healthy snacks, you just need to know how.

Tip 3: Get Moving And Get Happy!

It has been reported numerous times that people are far less active then they used to be. Not only can this result in you piling on the weight, but it can make you feel sluggish and contract diseases unknowingly. Prevention is better than cure. 

So get moving - whether that be on your own, with friends or with your family. Do what works best with your schedule. What is it that you like doing that is active? Sports (not watching sports!), yoga, running, walking the dog, bike riding, gardening, or even just taking the stairs rather than using the lift. These will help burn calories and improve fitness levels.

By keeping active and exercisingit’s been shown to release those feel good hormones which keeps you more alert, focused and in a more positive frame of mind. What a BONUS!

Start with these 3 tips for healthy living. Then start to incorporate more healthy habits so that they become routine. You and your family will start to see the benefits, and you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier! 

Stay healthy,