7 Tips On How To Lose Weight Using Mind Power

By Paul Scicluna

Embarking on a healthy diet or doing a series of weight loss exercises to burn body fat can help you shed some weight. So while some people can lose a bit of weight here and there by combining eating good foods with some exercise, you can add power to your efforts by employing the insights and techniques used by high-achievers to obtain that 'look' you've always dreamed of!

This one “ingredient” that seems to be missing from all successful weight loss program is using the power of the mind to help get the body you want. Incorporating mind power is crucial as one of the best ways to lose weight. You will be more likely to keep that weight off, rather than going through the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, or continual fluctuations in your weight. Did you know that 95% of diets fail in helping people lose weight? No wonder so many people get de-motivated and miserable.

Before beginning your journey to losing weight you must realize that you are in total control. Therefore you should have a REAL desire to lose that stubborn fat, become fit and healthy. An ineffective approach to weight loss, or anything else for that matter, usually ends in failure. Therefore I strongly urge you to incorporate the following 7 tips on losing weight - using the power of your mind.

1.     The first and most important factor to use is to release any past failures from your mind. Dwelling on past failures will only have an adverse affect on your current weight loss efforts. You can’t move forward if you’re focusing on what has been, or what’s behind you in your past. Don’t focus on thoughts such as, “I can never lose weight”

Instead, ask yourself the question, "Why did I fail?" Not losing weight can play havoc with your thought processes, but maybe you set your goals too high. Or maybe they were a little too unrealistic. Or your time frame for achieving your goals was too short or too long. Whatever the reason, look at it in an objective manner and learn from your mistakes. While learning from your mistakes, don’t dwell on the past. Plan to do it differently this time.

2.     Set REALISTIC goals. Aiming to lose 15kg in 2 weeks is unrealistic let alone potentially dangerous. When you think about how to reduce weight, setting a goal of losing 10 kg in 10 weeks is more realistic. This is an ambitious goal and you could achieve it. Just take it day by day, week by week and focus. Focusing on the end result (the goal) is important, don’t sweat the small stuff! You need to stay focused.

3.     A common concern I see in people is how to get motivated to lose weight. If you need motivation, get the help from a health coach or a "good" qualified personal trainer. Why not get fit with your friends, colleagues or join a running group, for example? You could also gain some new friends in the process! Most of the time we fail due to making our own excuses. The choice is really yours, so choose to succeed not fail!

A major problem that is constantly rearing its ugly head is lack of enthusiasm. Almost every person who desperately wants to lose weight suffers from this dreaded state at one time or another – even celebrities, sports models, bodybuilders through to everyday Moms and Dads. So yes, weight loss motivation can be challenging. But challenge your mind to think positively because remember – what you think about you bring about...

4.     Be SPECIFIC in your goals. Have a clear vision of how you want to look and feel when you have achieved your objective. As you’re visualizing this have feelings of passion running through you, get excited. Imagine how good you’d feel if you were achieving your goals. It’s awesome! Those feelings of passion are like a spark plug to an engine. It fires you up to keep going and keeps you on track.

5.     Another one of the best ways to lose weight is to cut out and put a picture of your head over a picture of your ideal body type. Or get out a photo of yourself that you liked. But be clear in your own head where you are going and what you will achieve. Whatever that picture or photo is that you choose, make sure you put it up where you’ll see it every day. And, focus on that being what you look like now.

This is where you can unleash the power of your mind. In actual fact, your mind doesn’t know the difference. What you see, feel or think has more power. So make sure you continually look at that picture or photo as though it was you NOW.

6.     One of the other tips on losing weight is to set smaller goals that easily show you have been making progress. Make note of your goal achievements. Write them down. Once you are feeling a lack of enthusiasm then look back at how far you have come. When you have reached each smaller goal tell yourself you’ve done a great job, which you have! Reaching each of these smaller goals ends up in achieving the overall result - reaching your main goal. So each one is progress.

7.     Visualize and say your goals out loud often or at least twice a day – preferably once in the morning and once at night before going to be. Focus on burning that stubborn fat rather than not losing weight. Tell yourself that you are doing well and reward yourself when you reach a goal. But don’t reward yourself with bad food or drinks as that will have a negative effect and it’ll take longer to reach the main goal! Reward yourself by going to the movies or going on a long weekend away, for example. This will increase your self-esteem and keep your motivation high.

If a negative situation arises don't look at it as a problem but view it as a challenge. If you can overcome your inner demons and draw on the strengths of your mind, you are one step closer to getting the body you want. You will be amazed at how powerful your thoughts have in determining the person you become. So make you think positively and become another of the many weight loss success stories.

Success breeds success, so review your progress and modify your goals to get to where you want.

The potential to achieve anything is within you. Whether the end result of your weight loss efforts is success or failure it is your choice. Give 100% and you will receive 100%. This quote sums it up as it really is up to you…

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”                    

                                                                                 - Henry Ford

If you want to learn how to unleash the power of your mind to shed that weight, keep it off and transform your body to an entirely new level, check this out for your weight loss success.

Here’s to burning that fat off for good!