How to curb cravings

By Paul Scicluna

Ever had cravings… also known as the munchies? 

Your body keeps sending hunger signals so you then keep eating as you feel hungry.

Many of you have told us you satisfy those cravings with unhealthy foods like sweets or bad carbs. This can not only pile on the weight, but also give you little to no nutritional value making you feel sluggish.

Most if not all cravings can be traced back to a nutritional deficiency. By eating a healthy diet most cravings will stop over time.

There are plenty of healthy choices instead of junk food and bad processed foods. Unhealthy food choices won’t give your body the nutrients it needs. So you’ll continue to get cravings and having those feelings of the munchies and this vicious cycle will continue.

For example, many people crave sweet foods in the mid to late evening. Instead of choosing processed lifeless sweets, have a piece of fruit such as watermelon. The natural sugars in fruit will help curb those sweet cravings. Not only is it refreshing and tasty, you're getting a good injection of quality nutrients that are great for your body.

Here are 5 ways that you can curb those cravings:

1.    Sleep – Having 8 hours of quality sleep allows the body to do its job of healing and repair. It also helps regulate hormones which affect our appetite and how we process and store fats, carbs and sugars.

2.    Reduce Stress – Stress is a major factor regarding binge eating of junk food. Stress causes all sort sorts of dis-ease in the body and bingeing on junk food only compounds the problem. So reducing stress is important and have healthy snacks on hand for those unavoidable stressful situations.

3.    Stay Hydrated – 3 out of 4 people are classified as chronically dehydrated. Many people mistake their thirst response for hunger. Keeping hydrated also helps reduce snacking on junk food and helps relieve those afternoon energy crashes.

4.    Get Organized – People who prepare their meals in advance and take healthy lunches and snacks to work reduce their consumption of junk foods helping keep their weight at bay.

5.    Eat Clean – Have good healthy food on hand at home and at work. Regularly eating a healthy diet with a wide range of fruit, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins has shown to curb cravings, help with weight loss and kick those energy peaks and troughs.

Remember, by eating a healthy diet most cravings will stop over time!


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