Miscarriage risk increased by up to 80%

By Paul Scicluna

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I’ve been telling people this for years as yet another study comes out - this time warning pregnant women to avoid canned foods, microwaved food and plastic water bottles especially ones left out in the sun, after a study found certain chemicals can increase the risk of miscarriage by 80%. This information is not new.

The research also found that certain chemical compounds from the same products can damage male fertility by 20%.

The research, from Stanford University and presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Boston suggested that high levels of bisphenol-A (also known as BPA), which is found in many plastics and linings in canned foods could dramatically increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

The study on 114 pregnant women found that those with the high concentrations of bisphenol-A in their blood serum were 80% more likely than those with low or normal levels to suffer a miscarriage. The group studied had a history of miscarriages and difficulties conceiving.

The lead author Dr Ruth Lathi, reproductive endocrinologist at Stanford University said: "This is important because miscarriage is a very common occurrence and human exposure to BPA is near-ubiquitous."

The scientists behind the study said that it was impossible to avoid all contact with the substance, which is used in plastic packaging, tinned products and even cash register receipts, but recommending limiting the impact of their exposure.

Dr Lathi said "Avoid anything that involves cooking or warming food in plastic as the chemicals leak out of plastic materials at a higher rate at higher temperatures. Avoid canned food, avoid cooking or heating plastic and then avoid unnecessary cash register receipts. Those are simple things that don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to do."

Researchers said it remained unclear why BPA appeared to have such an impact on miscarriage rates, and said further studies were urgently needed as 15 - 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Bisphenol-A has previously been found to carry some risks to child development as well. The chemical has been banned in baby bottles by the EU. It should be banned world wide in my opinion.

I’ve been saying for years not to drink from water bottles that you’ve left in your car on warm or hot days or in the sun, as studies have shown levels of bisphenol-A increase by up to 1000-fold in the water of a bottle that has been exposed to these conditions.

I’ve written about this in my Total Body and Health Transformation book as well as my recipe books so people can become more informed and make educated choices.

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Source: The Telegraph