The importance of water

By Paul Scicluna

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard people say to me that they would like to feel better, or improve their skin, or have more energy, reduce their headaches, improve vitality, etc… I’d be rich.

What if I said to you that for 99% of all of the above was as simple as drink more water? Most people either laugh at that idea or just reply but I don’t like water. Water is the elixir of life that is sitting right under our noses but no one cares to test it. I’ve had people say to me that there is no evidence about water helping us… Well let me tell you there is but it’s not widely published. 

Part of that reason is why would companies invest huge volumes of money into the benefits water has on the human body when all they’d be doing is putting them selves out of business?

The brain is approximately 93% water, the blood approximately 85% water, the muscles approximately 75% water, the liver approximately 69% water and the bones are approximately 22% water.

This alone should show you the importance of water! 

A car’s engine has to have oil to lubricate it so that it can function correctly and not wear out. If it’s out of engine oil, huge damage is caused to the engine parts and can result in the engine breaking down… Hmmm can you see how this relates to a dehydrated human body?? It really isn’t rocket science. 

If you are dehydrated (which it’s been said that 95% of the western world are drastically dehydrated) those figures above should show you that you will not function at a level that you are meant to. 

Do you realise that the human body loses approximately 1 litre (approx 1 quart) of fluid during the night through sweat and toilet trips? So when you wake up and have a coffee you are already dehydrated and you’re just compounding the problem.

I’m not saying not to have the coffee but start out by giving your body what it needs, such as 2 medium to large glasses when you get up from a nights sleep. 

Aging has been said to be directly related to dehydration. So many experts say that this is not true… well why does a plant that’s in dry soil look wilted, wrinkles and shrivels up looking old and worn out as it dies? Well the same goes for us… Add water to the plant and it comes back to life.

I have seen it so many times where people have started drinking the correct amount of water for their weight on a daily basis… it’s like they come back to life – less wrinkles, looking more alive, feeling more vibrant and have more energy. Try it as it’s amazing! 

Most people don’t even know the signals our bodies give to us when it’s requiring to be re-hydrated… we think they are hunger pains so we eat… and we wonder why we don’t get full so we keep eating… sound familiar? Try drinking a large glass of water next time you get hungry and wait 10 minutes.

Water gives the brainpower for thinking by assisting the function of neurotransmitters. The brain will only produce serotonin and melatonin when adequate brain hydration is present… no wonder there is so much depression these days… that’s how important water is.

See there is no money to be made by you drinking water.

Everybody is being told to take antioxidant supplements these days to slow down free radical damage. One of the greatest producers of free radicalism in the body is dehydration… water is one of the greatest free radical removers.

It’s water that has to get into the cells to extract the toxic waste of cell metabolism, not soft drinks, sodas or coffee. If you want to remove free radicals from your body increase your water intake… this will not only make you feel better but save you a fortune.

It’s as simple as this… nothing kills life quicker than a lack of water… but as the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink… SO DRINK UP!


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