Beware - the added colour in your foods!

By Paul Scicluna

colourful cupcakes 3_thumb.jpg

In these modern times, everyday food items are littered with artificial colours which are contaminated with carcinogens. These are shown to cause cancer in rats, allergic reactions and triggering behavioral problems in children, a US study has found.

Once thought to only be contained in junk foods like lollies, they are also added to our every day food items such as rice crackers, biscuits, cereals, mueslis, breads, fruit juices and muffins to name a few.

British researchers found that these artificial food colours: 104, 122 and 124, could be as detrimental as lead, on developing young brains. In the US – Center for Science in the Public Interest, also found: 102, 110 and 129 to be harmful and it’s estimated more than 1,100 foods here contain the harmful additives.

I wonder why we are still using these artificial colours when they have been completely phased out of foods in the United Kingdom and warning labels are now mandatory right throughout the European Union.

I believe that YOU the shopper needs to become more aware of what’s being added to the foods you eat. You don’t have to miss out as there are many, many alternatives.

So do yourself and your family a favour and spend your money with the companies that are not putting these artificial colours and additives in the foods you eat.

This is the only way companies learn, or listen to the public – and that’s when you hit them on the bottom line.



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